Congressman Mike Kelly is calling the impeachment inquiry of President Trump a "distraction."  He wants voters to decide the political future of the president.

Kelly talked about the impeachment inquiry of Trump after making a live appearance on C-SPAN this morning from Perry Square. Kelly said Trump is the right person to be president... a businessman running the biggest business the world's ever known.  Kelly says this is the best economy in the U.S. in over a half century.

Kelly says Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats should concentrate on approving a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and also concentrate on fixing health care.  He says those who are focused on impeachment are blinded by their hate for Trump and not focused on making America great again.

Kelly says Congress should let the president do his job and if the people do not vote for Trump in the next election…that's fine.

"We've got a lot of things to get done.  We're rebuilding our military.  We're doing so many good things right now.  The rest is kind of like a distraction.  You know what?  Let the chips fall where they may.  The American people will make a decision,” he said.

Jim Wertz, Erie County Democratic Chairman, disagrees emphatically with Kelly. He says House leaders have every right to proceed with the impeachment inquiry. 

"I think the #1 job that this Congress has to do right now is preserving the Constitution and the institutions of a Democratic republic that is the United States.  Without that, the economic gains and losses in this country don't mean much,” he said.