If you decorate your home with a real Christmas tree, the national tree shortage in the news, should not impact local supplies.

 That's because the biggest wholesaler of trees in our region, Berkey's Nursery in Spartansburg, anticipated the shortage and planned ahead.

Berkey's is bundling and packing up the last big truck load of trees for this season.  Duane Berkey said they will supply about 24,000 trees this year.

They wholesale to local sellers including Mason Farms, Gerlach's Garden Center, Stan's Garden Center, Frank's Farm Market, and Arkwright Tree & Wreath Farm, and Berkey said they are making sure their regular customers are supplied.

According to Berkey, when the economy was poor about 8 to 10 years ago, many growers planted fewer trees or got out of the business altogether.  But he decided not to follow the trend, believing a shortage would come, and instead planted more trees across his 200 acre nursery property.

This year, when the supply issue surfaced, Berkey's Nursery was in good shape, and he has made sure that regular customers are covered.  At Arkwright's Tree and Wreath farm that's good news, because they ordered early and are already busy. "I’m stocked up we’ve been selling trees for over two weeks here, last weekend was the busiest...couldn’t believe they were coming out before Thanksgiving to cut trees down," said Bill Arkwright.