The outcry is getting louder and louder for criminal charges to be filed against two young men for allegedly kicking and taunting a wounded deer until it died. The incident was posted to social media by one of the hunters.

The young men, reportedly from Brookville in Jefferson County, used Snapchat to post video of the wounded deer. One of the individuals was seen kicking the deer in the head while the other kept on shooting the video.  Both were heard taunting the wounded animal and laughing.

People across the country are outraged. Hunters are speaking out saying the duo in the video shows hunters and their sport in a bad light.

Erie News Now caught up with some hunters in the wooded areas of Northwestern Pennsylvania today.  We asked them what they thought about the incident.

ART BLUM-ERIE-"I don't think you should let any animal suffer. That's my opinion about it.  What they did was unmerciful. Torturing it like that."

JOHN KOPER-MILLCREEK-"That's not good.  That's not a good thing at all.  People like that shouldn't be in the woods."

JOE GERHART-ERIE-"I think it's really unfortunate because it puts a bad face out there for a lot of hunters out there. We have a lot of really good people out here spending time on God's creation and that put a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths about what some hunters are like."